How to Keep a Car Engine Warm Overnight

How to Keep a Car Engine Warm Overnight
How to Keep a Car Engine Warm Overnight

It is important to start your car with a warm engine and battery. When you start the car with any frozen engine, it may falls down and shortens its life. Protecting both your engine and battery from damage is important to keep your car warm overnight. We need to keep the car fluid warm. These make the engine and battery ready for normal take-off at any time. Here are some ways to keep your car’s fluid warm, prevent engine wear and tear.


5 Ways to Keep Your Car Engine Warm at Over Night

1. Park your car in a heated garage

Parking inside the garage is a great way to keep cars warm which is protected from extremely cold temperatures. A constant temperature is enough to prevent your car’s engine and battery fluid from freezing.


There are many more fancy garage-heating methods that will keep your car warm. Parking your car in a heated garage will prevent engine and battery fluid from clotting.

2. Use an engine block heater

Block heaters are installed in the engine to heat the coolant. It is pre-installed in most cars but those who are not in the car need to install it.


Engine block heaters transmit heat throughout the engine. A cord block is attached to the heater under the hood of your car.

3. Use oil pan heaters

An oil pan heater is placed at the bottom of the oil pan to keep the engine oil warm. The hot oil prevents the parts of your car’s engine from rubbing against each other and causing unnecessary wear.

4. Use an electric blanket

An electric blanket is used to radiate heat in engine fluids. This blanket is placed on top of the engine or inside the hood. The blanket is plugged into a socket and left for a few hours. The blanket must be removed before starting the engine.

5. Use a dipstick heater

A dipstick heater is a cheap device for heating car oil. Remove the oil dipstick from your normal engine and replace it with a dipstick heater so that the oil is heated directly. Before driving, you must remove the dipstick heater and return the engine oil dipstick.

The dipstick heater has a cord that is plugged into the power source. To get better results you can replace old batteries and use lightweight synthetic oil in your car engine.