How to Get More Power Out of 2.7 Tacoma

Toyota tacoma is a mid-size pickup truck that was first introduced in 1995 as a successor to the toyota hilux. The second-generation tacoma launched in 2005, and it came with a new engine, the 2. 7-liter four-cylinder. The 2. 7 tacoma engine is reliable and fuel-efficient, but some owners may desire a little more power from their truck.

Luckily, there are several ways to increase horsepower and torque without spending a lot of money. In this article, we’ll discuss some easy modifications to get more power out of your 2. 7 tacoma.

Unleash Maximum Performance: Get More Power Out of your 2.7 Tacoma


An Expert Guide To Get More Power Out of 2.7 Tacoma

The Exhaust System Plays A Critical Role In The Performance Of Your 2.7 Tacoma

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is responsible for directing exhaust gases from the engine out of the tailpipe. A poorly functioning exhaust system can rob your truck of horsepower and torque. Not only that, but a malfunctioning exhaust system can also cause a decrease in fuel efficiency and increased emissions.

Upgrading your exhaust system is one of the most popular modifications for a tacoma owner. A new exhaust system can increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque by reducing restrictions in the system and increasing airflow. Not only that, but an upgraded exhaust system can also add a sportier sound to your truck.

Here are some benefits of upgrading your exhaust system:

  • Improved horsepower and torque
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced sound of your engine
  • Improved appearance of your truck
  • Reduced exhaust back pressure
  • Increased durability of the exhaust system

Recommendations For The Best Aftermarket Options

There are many options available when it comes to upgrading your tacoma’s exhaust system. Here are some of the best aftermarket options for your truck:

  • Borla exhaust systems: These exhaust systems are known for their high-quality materials and superior performance. They are designed to increase horsepower and torque, while also delivering a deep, powerful sound.
  • Magnaflow exhaust systems: These systems are built with straight-through mufflers, which increase airflow and deliver a more aggressive exhaust note. They are also made of high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting.
  • Flowmaster exhaust systems: These exhausts are perfect for truck enthusiasts who want to add a sportier sound to their vehicle. They feature a unique design that maximizes exhaust scavenging, resulting in improved horsepower and torque.

An Air Intake Upgrade Can Significantly Improve Your Tacoma’S Performance.

If you want to boost your 2. 7 tacoma’s performance, upgrading its air intake system can make a significant difference. A high-quality air intake system can allow for increased airflow to the engine, resulting in improved horsepower and torque. Here are some key points to consider when upgrading your tacoma’s air intake:

  • An air intake system brings more air to the engine, which leads to better combustion, resulting in increased power.
  • The benefits of an air intake upgrade include improved acceleration, better throttle response, and a more aggressive engine sound.
  • One of the most significant advantages of upgrading to a performance air intake system is that it does not require any cutting or drilling during installation.

A High-Quality Air Intake System Can Allow For Increased Airflow To The Engine, Resulting In Improved Horsepower And Torque.

When it comes to purchasing an air intake system for your 2. 7 tacoma, you want to invest in a high-quality, durable option that will deliver results. Here are some key points to keep in mind when shopping for an air intake system:

  • Look for a system that includes a washable and reusable air filter. This will save you money in the long run and is better for the environment.
  • Choose a system that is specifically designed for your tacoma’s make and model to ensure a precise fit and optimal performance.
  • Consider the material the air intake is made of. High-quality systems are typically constructed from aluminum, which is lightweight and durable.

Here are our top recommendations for the best air intake systems for your 2. 7 tacoma:

  • K&n cold air intake kit: The k&n cold air intake kit is a popular option among tacoma owners looking to improve their engine’s performance. This system features a washable and reusable air filter, a mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube, and a heat shield to block hot air from the engine.
  • Afe power momentum gt cold air intake system: The afe power momentum gt cold air intake system features a one-piece sealed housing to keep out hot engine air, a washable and reusable pro 5r air filter, and a dyno-tuned intake tube for improved airflow.
  • Volant performance air intake system: The volant performance air intake system is a premium option that is engineered to increase horsepower and torque. This system features a high-velocity venturi filter adapter, a washable and reusable filter, and a cross-link polyethylene air duct for superior heat insulation.

These air intake systems are all designed to increase the airflow to your tacoma’s engine, resulting in improved performance and an overall better driving experience. Choose the option that best fits your needs and budget, and enjoy the added power and acceleration!

Tuning Your Engine:

Tuning your engine is one of the easiest ways to increase the power of your 2. 7 tacoma. Let’s explore the various options available for tuning your engine and the benefits of each:

Performance Exhaust Systems:

  • A performance exhaust system is designed to increase the flow of exhaust gases, resulting in a noticeable boost in horsepower and torque.
  • It’s a simple, yet effective modification that can improve overall engine performance.

Upgraded Air Intake System:

  • By installing an upgraded air intake system, you can provide your engine with cooler and denser air, increasing its combustion efficiency and power output.
  • This modification also improves the sound of your engine, making it louder and more aggressive.

Engine Management System:

  • An engine management system can provide precise control over your engine’s fuel and ignition systems.
  • By adjusting fuel and ignition timing, you can optimize your engine’s performance to its full potential.

Proper Tuning:

  • Proper tuning is crucial to achieve maximum performance from your tuned engine.
  • A correct engine tune will ensure that your engine runs efficiently and safely without causing any long-term damage.

Tuning your engine can significantly enhance the performance of your 2. 7 tacoma. Whether it’s a performance exhaust system, upgraded air intake system, an engine management system, or proper tuning, these modifications help make sure your engine reaches its full potential.

Upgrading Your Suspension:

Upgrading your suspension can significantly improve the handling and performance of your 2. 7 tacoma. Not only does a better suspension system provide a smoother ride, but it also enhances off-road capabilities, allowing you to tackle rugged terrain with greater ease.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when upgrading your tacoma’s suspension:

Upgrade your shocks:

Replacing your tacoma’s stock shocks with performance shocks is the best way to increase your vehicle’s off-road capabilities. High-quality shocks provide better support and stability, reducing body roll, and increasing overall performance. Some of the top aftermarket shock options for tacoma include bilstein, fox, and king.

Choose the right springs:

High-performance springs are designed to handle the additional weight of aftermarket accessories, such as bumpers, winches, and cargo loads. Aftermarket springs also ensure better ground clearance and a smoother ride on harsh terrain. Some of the most popular options include eibach, old man emu, and icon vehicle dynamics.

Invest in a lift kit:

A lift kit is an excellent upgrade option for tacoma owners who want to enhance their truck’s off-road capabilities and give it a more aggressive look. Most lift kits increase ground clearance by a few inches, allowing you to tackle more challenging terrain easily.

Popular options for tacoma include bilstein, old man emu, and pro comp.

Important considerations:

Upgrading your tacoma’s suspension system is a significant investment, so it’s essential to make informed decisions. Before making any purchase, consider the following:

  • Compatibility: Ensure that any aftermarket products you purchase fit your specific toyota tacoma model.
  • Quality: Shop around to find the best quality products that will provide long-lasting value.
  • Professional installation: Have the products installed by a professional mechanic to ensure the best results and avoid any damage to your vehicle.

By upgrading your tacoma’s suspension system, you can take your off-road experience to the next level while improving your vehicle’s overall performance. With the right choice of aftermarket products and professional installation, your 2. 7 tacoma can become an unbeatable force on any terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get More Power Out Of 2.7 Tacoma

What Engine Oil Is Best For 2.7 Tacoma?

Use high-quality synthetic blend oil with api certification and viscosity rating of 5w-20.

How Can I Increase My 2.7 Tacoma’S Horsepower?

Install an aftermarket air intake system, upgrade the exhaust system, and tune the engine with an ecu programmer.

How Often Should I Change The Air Filter In A 2.7 Tacoma?

Replace the air filter every 20,000 miles or when it’s visibly dirty, whichever comes first.


To sum up, getting more power out of 2. 7 tacoma can be achieved through several ways. Starting from upgrading air intake systems to installing high-performance exhaust systems, all can help smoothly increase the engine’s horsepower and torque output. Additionally, regular maintenance is crucial in ensuring optimal engine performance.

Ignoring oil changes and replacing used spark plugs can hinder the tacoma’s overall power output. So, it’s worth mentioning that investing in premium products from reputed brands like k&n, borla, and magnaflow can make a difference. Moreover, choosing the optimal driving mode and using premium fuel is also a significant factor to consider.

Getting more power out of 2. 7 tacoma is an achievable goal with proper maintenance and upgrading the intake and exhaust systems, ultimately resulting in a better driving experience.