How to Get Gum Out of Car Seat Easily

How to Get Gum Out of Car Seats Properly
How to Get Gum Out of Car Seats Properly

Getting gum stuck on anything is a filthy problem. It is like the worst nightmare for a car owner! Imagine the horror of getting it stuck in your car seat. From that moment, the gum not only ruins your car interior but also will stick to anyone who sits on that seat, and worst-case scenario, it sticks to someone’s hair! So to help you with that messy situation and making sure you don’t have a ‘ gum on the car seat ‘ crisis, this article will tell you about how you could remove that troublesome gum.

Now, these days gum is a rubber-based product. So, it is easier to remove them without damaging the upholstery. There are many ways to remove gum from a car seat. The most common or helpful ones are –

  1. Freezing the gum
  2. White vinegar

How to Remove Gum from a Car Seat by Freezing

Take some ice and keep them in a plastic bag. Use up to 3 to 4 pieces of ice in a plastic bag and pack it. You can use a freezer pack in case you don’t have ice. The plastic bag will help contain the water from the melting ice cubes. In case you are worried about the water leaking, you can just double bag the ice.

Next, you have to set the bag of ice directly on top of the gum. Now let the ice sit on the gum for about 5 minutes or until the gum becomes hard and breakable. The purpose of ice is to freeze or harden the gum. So when the gum is hard and not sticky, it is simpler to remove. You may hold the pack of ice against the gum. To avoid your hand from getting cold, place a towel between the pack of ice and your palm.

Finally, remove the solidified gum. With the help of a blunt knife or blade separate the chilly gum from the cloth of your car seat. The blade or knife should be able to remove all or maximum of the gum. You have to use a blunt knife or blade because you don’t want to poke holes in the cloth.

Keep in mind

  • If there are any bits of gum remaining, remove them with scotch tape. Just tear off a piece of tape and stick it to the gum residue. Pluck the tape off, and it will pull off the gum residue with it. Repeat the procedure if needed.
  • Do the work with patience. Removing the gum from the seat might take some time, but do it slowly to prevent pricking the cloth.
  • Make sure you don’t scrape the gum while it is yet sluggish and not hard enough. This will produce a risk of the gum getting on deeper into the car seat cloth and that will be tougher to remove.

How to Remove Gum from Car Seats With White Vinegar

First, you have to soak a small cloth in some warm white vinegar. Then gently rub the wet cloth on the gum. Please allow the vinegar to be absorbed into the gum for a few moments.

The purpose of the white vinegar is to loosen the gum that will cause it to ball up. Now remove the sluggish, vinegar-soaked ball of gum with a pair of tweezers or maybe just your fingers. You can use white vinegar on cloth or vinyl car seats but not leather. It will damage the leather. To make the process go faster you can warm-up the white vinegar first.

Secondly, you have to brush and wash away any residue left. To do that, combine 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap and white vinegar, and 2 cups warm water in a moderate-sized bowl. Now, mix the solution until soap foams start to form.

Next, dip a clean cloth or toothbrush into the solvent and gently scrub away the sticky surplus. Repeat the process if needed. Finally, blot the place with a clean, wet cloth to absorb the vinegar solution. Lastly, allow that place to air dry or you can dab it dry with a neat towel. Instead of using that homemade solution, you can also use a commercial degreaser.

Simply spray or drizzle it onto a clean, damp cloth. Now with that cloth, rub away the sticky remainder. Then, grab a new cloth, soak it with cold water, and wipe away any scraps of gum or commercial degreaser from the seat.

Make sure you read the instructions that come along with the degreaser! Be sure it is safe to use on your car seats before utilizing it.

Keep in mind

  • Tidy up your car seat fabric with an upholstery cleaner. This product will remove any stains from the gum, the solution, or the degreaser.
  • If you don’t have white vinegar available, simply use the white of an egg, peanut butter, or mayonnaise to loosen the gum.

That’s all the instructions and information on how you can remove gum from your car seats, hopefully, it helps you. Thank you for reading so far!

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