How to Disable Alarm on Dodge Ram

How to Disable the Alarm on Dodge Ram
How to Disable Alarm on Dodge Ram

Almost every vehicle now has alarm systems for vehicle protection. These systems may be equipped with your Dodge RAM. It’s beeping and horn sound helps you to be alert. If you want, you can dismantle this system without the help of any professional. But how?

By following some steps you will know how to disable alarm on dodge ram. So let’s get started.

How to Disable Alarm on Dodge Ram

Step 1:

Get into your car with a flat-head screwdriver. The screwdriver allows you to move dashboard panels around the module system. Basically, this system is located at the bottom of the steering column and the bottom of the ignition cylinder.

Step 2:

In the second step, you find the cable connected to a positive battery terminal. The cable from the positive battery terminal must be connected to the positive battery terminal.

Step 3

Finally, disconnect the cable from the edge of the amp. Doing so will disconnect the alarm system. Moreover, no more sounds can be heard.

Step 4

Now replace the dashboard panels. Reverse the process to keep everything in the right place. The process is now complete.

Is it Safe to Disable the Dodge RAM Alarm?

The simple answer is never. The Dodge RAM alarm is used to protect the car. If you disable it, your car will not have security and your car will not be able to prevent thieves from stealing your Dodge RAM.

Final Thought:

Dodge RAM alarms are a great option for ensuring vehicle safety. However, many people want to disable this system. Many people do not know how to disable alarm on dodge ram. Thinking about them, we have arranged this article where we have highlighted some simple steps that you can easily do by following. Hopefully, this small effort of ours will help you enough to do this task.