How to Clear Codes on Polaris Ranger

The Polaris Ranger is a popular side-by-side utility vehicle used for work and recreational purposes. Like many modern vehicles, the Ranger is equipped with an onboard computer system that monitors various components and systems.

When a problem is detected, the computer generates a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that corresponds to the issue. These codes can be read using a special tool or software, allowing owners and mechanics to identify and fix problems quickly. Understanding Polaris Ranger codes is essential for proper maintenance and repair of the vehicle, as it can save time and money by pinpointing issues accurately.

How to Clear Polaris Codes

Clearing Polaris Ranger codes is a relatively simple process that can be done with the use of a diagnostic tool or software. Here are the steps to clear Polaris codes:

  1. Connect the diagnostic tool or software to the vehicle’s onboard computer system.
  2. Turn on the ignition and allow the diagnostic tool to establish communication with the vehicle.
  3. Access the codes stored in the system and identify the specific code(s) you wish to clear.
  4. Follow the prompts on the diagnostic tool to clear the code(s).
  5. Once the code(s) have been cleared, turn off the ignition and disconnect the diagnostic tool from the vehicle.

It’s important to note that clearing codes does not necessarily fix the underlying problem. If the issue persists, the code(s) will likely reappear, and it’s recommended to seek further diagnosis and repair. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the issue causing the code(s) has been resolved before clearing them to avoid potential safety hazards or damage to the vehicle.


Understanding and being able to clear Polaris Ranger codes is crucial for proper maintenance and repair of the vehicle. With the use of diagnostic tools or software, owners and mechanics can quickly identify and fix problems, ultimately saving time and money while ensuring the safe operation of the vehicle.