How to Clean a Charcoal Canister

Within the canister, a vehicle charcoal filter has a charcoal filter. The primary function of charcoal filters and charcoal canisters is to absorb the fuel system and gas tanks from excess gas emissions when the engine is off. The filter functions as a sponge inside the canister which collects all the excess gas fumes.

Excess gas vapors return to the fuel system and to the combustion chamber as the engine is rebooted. Over time, excess build-up will trap charcoal canisters and keep gas gases from entering the canister or escaping it.

Here we are going to know about how to clean a charcoal canister. Below we will discuss about this topic in couple of steps.

How to Clean a Sealed Charcoal Canister-With Easy Steps

Step 1:

Break the canister of charcoal by cutting the top and bottom lines with a flat-head screwdriver from the canister. At the end, the canister has three lines and at the bottom, one line. If required, use a ratchet and a socket to detach the canister from the bracket.

Step 2:

Place canisters of charcoal on a flat surface. Start the air compressor and boost to a minimum of 50 psi the air pressure. Once the air pressure exceeds 50, switching off the compressor.

Step 3:

Insert the rubber tip into the exterior vent pressure valve pipe above the canister at the tip of the appropriate airline. This pipe varies from the other two pipes at the end. At the very end of the canister is the outer control valve. Also, the outer regulation pipe is significantly wider than the outer two pipes.

Step 4:

Place the tip of the finger on the canister with one hand at the opening of the other two cylinders. Pull the air release button over the airline’s tip and let the 50-hand spread blast the canister at 50 hand beats on the other hand. For about one to two minutes, begin blowing the air into the charcoal canister. Remove your fingers from the above pipes and put one of your fingers under the canister near the pipe’s front opening.


Using the air again to open the control valve pipe and use the finger to decide whether the air under the pipe is flowing out. This means that the canister is clean and allows air to flow below the canister from the top of the canister to the pipe. Reinstall the canister of charcoal. After following the upper instructions, everyone will know about how to clean a charcoal canister.