How to Adjust Roller Rockers With Hydraulic Lifters

What are the Steps for Adjusting Roller Rockers With Hydraulic Lifters

Adjusting roller rockers with hydraulic lifters requires special attention to ensure the correct timing and tension.

The following steps can help you do this:

  1. – Ensure the valve lash is set correctly.
  2. – Check for any signs of damage or wear on the rocker arms and other components.
  3. – Turn off the engine before adjusting anything, then loosen each rocker nut slightly until it stops turning.
  4. – Rotate the pushrod so it is aligned with the retaining pinhole in each rocker arm.
  5. – Tighten down all of the nuts until they are snug but not overly tight.

Once these steps have been completed, start up your engine and check that everything is running smoothly before driving away!

setting zero valve lash the easy way hydraulic lifters

How Do I Know When My Roller Rockers Need to Be Adjusted

When adjusting roller rockers, it is important to know when they need to be adjusted.

Here are some signs that indicate the need for an adjustment:

– Excessive valve train noise.

– Inability of the valves to fully close or open.

– Uneven engine idling. If any of these symptoms are present, then you should adjust your roller rockers accordingly.

This will ensure good engine performance and a longer lifespan for your vehicle’s components.

How to Adjust Roller Rockers With Hydraulic Lifters


Are There Any Special Tools Needed for This Adjustment

Yes, there are special tools needed for this adjustment.

These include:

* Wrenches

* Screwdrivers

* Pliers These tools should be of good quality to ensure the job is done properly and safely.

Is It Possible to Adjust Roller Rockers Without Removing Them from the Engine Block

Yes, it is possible to adjust roller rockers without removing them from the engine block.

To do this, it is important to follow these steps:

• Loosen the jam nut with a wrench.

• Turn the adjusting screw clockwise until you have reached your desired valve lash clearance.

• Re-tighten the jam nut, and then recheck the valve lash clearance for accuracy.

Once complete, you can enjoy increased horsepower and improved oil flow while avoiding any unnecessary time spent in disassembly or reassembly of parts.

What is the Correct Amount of Tension Or Preload That Should Be Used When Adjusting Roller Rockers With Hydraulic Lifters

The correct amount of tension or preload for adjusting roller rockers with hydraulic lifters is typically between 0.007 to 0.009 in/lbs. This is accomplished by slowly and carefully rotating the pushrod while measuring the pressure on a calibrated torque wrench until desired level is achieved:

• Start with no preload
• Increase preload gradually

• Check at regular intervals Any more than this can cause accelerated wear, so it’s important to stay within the recommended range when setting up your engine.


Overall, adjusting roller rockers with hydraulic lifters is not a difficult process. With the right tools and knowledge of the procedure, you can easily make any necessary adjustments to your vehicle’s valvetrain components. By following the instructions outlined in this blog post, you should be able to successfully adjust your roller rockers without any issues.

Having properly functioning roller rockers will help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently for many years to come.