How Long Will a Car Run Without Alternators?

How Long Will a Car Run without Alternator
How Long Will a Car Run without Alternator

Different cars have different features. It depends on the car model. Without an alternator, a car runs on its battery. The capacity of the car’s battery is the main fact here. If it has a higher capacity, then it will run long. If it has a lower capacity then it will not last long.

What Is Car Alternator?

Alternator supplies charge to the car’s battery. The electrical system of a car function because of the charge a alternator provides it. Approximately an alternator will run 100,000 to 150,000 miles or about seven years. Though the  poor functioned car will not lasts this long.

How Does It Work?

An alternator passes to the battery which means it charges the car’s battery. The electrical system of the car keeps preforming because of the alternator. Alternator keep the engine running while it is on. There are many factors related to its lasting. Car’s capacity, driving condition and the load an alternator is taking while the car runs are the main factor.

Running Time of Different Cars Without Alternator

A diesel car in daylight runs further then a gasoline car because in day time the headlights are not turn on. Battery supplies energy to the spark and the car’s computer. In case of an old model, the car will run until the fuel lasts.

A gasoline-run car consumes less energy from the battery in daylight compare to the night. Day time the headlights do not need to turn on. The spark and  the computer inside the car take energy from battery. If it is an old model like the 1960s then the car will run up to 50 miles with a charged battery.

Latest cars will not survive much without alternator. They have many functions and features which take too much energy from battery. Computers, sensors, and other electronic components are among them. This is the problem of a brand new car. That is why latest cars will survive lesser than old model cars.

A car with electric power steering will last long. That has computer-controlled automatic transmission. It will consume battery more. As a result it will let you drive few miles without alternator.

How to Run a Car without Alternator?

First turn the alternator off. Then start the vehicle. Do not turn it off after starting your vehicle.


Is the duration of running time without Alternator same for every car?

No. The duration of the running time of a car differs from other.  Not every car have same functions and features. Battery run out of its charge depending on its load and it differs from one car to another.

 Is Alternator and Battery different from each other?

Yes. Alternator is different from battery. They are two different component and they have different functioning. Alternator is a device that supplies charge to battery and battery preserves that charge for further usage.

Final Thoughts:

You may curious to know how far can a car run without alternator. It is basically depends the battery capacity and the model of the car. The model of the car indicates the battery capacity. This article will definitely solve your confusion. Read it carefully to have a clear concept.

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