Can You Put Jack Stands On Control Arms?

No, jack stands should not be placed on control arms. They are not designed to support weight and can damage the control arm.

When it comes to lifting a vehicle for maintenance or repair, safety should always be the top priority. While jack stands are an essential tool for supporting the weight of the vehicle, it is crucial to use them correctly. Placing the jack stands on the wrong parts of the car can cause damage and result in serious injury or even death.

One common question that arises is whether jack stands can be placed on control arms. In short, the answer is no. Control arms are not designed to support weight and can bend or break under the pressure of a vehicle. This article will explore why jack stands should not be placed on control arms and what alternative options are available.

Understanding the Role of Control Arms while Jacking up a Car


Understanding Control Arms And Jack Stands

Control arms are vital car suspension components that keep the wheels attached to the car’s frame. Jack stands serve as essential equipment for maintenance and repair. However, you need to be extra careful while placing jack stands on your vehicle’s control arms.

This is because placing them in the wrong location can cause car damage and ultimately result in an accident. So, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, or better yet, seek professional help, when it comes to lifting your car with jack stands.

Risks Of Putting Jack Stands On Control Arms

Putting jack stands on control arms is risky and not recommended. The dangers of using jack stands on control arms include the possibility of damaging the control arms, which can result in more costly repairs. Additionally, the use of jack stands on control arms can lead to possible injuries and accidents.

It’s important to follow manufacturer recommendations and only use jack stands in the designated areas to ensure safety. It may take a bit longer to locate the proper jacking points, but it’s worth it in the end to avoid any potential damage or harm.

Always prioritize safety when undertaking any automotive repairs or maintenance.

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Alternative Ways To Use Jack Stands With Your Vehicle

Placing jack stands on the control arms of your vehicle is not recommended as it can cause damage. Instead, there are alternative ways to safely use jack stands. One option is placing the jack stands on the chassis of your vehicle, ensuring they are positioned securely.

Another option is using a lift or a ramp to raise the vehicle, allowing you to safely place the jack stands. It is important to also ensure you have the right type and weight capacity of jack stands for your specific vehicle.

Always exercise caution and follow proper safety protocols when using jack stands to prevent accidents or damage to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Can You Put Jack Stands On Control Arms

Can You Put Jack Stands On Control Arms?

Yes, you can put jack stands on control arms, but it’s not safe. Control arms are not designed to hold the entire car’s weight.

Is It Safe To Lift A Car With A Control Arm?

No, it’s not safe to lift a car with a control arm. Honda has even issued a tsb warning against lifting vehicles using control arms.

How Do You Lift A Car Properly With Jack Stands?

Find the designated lift points, place the jack stands on the pinch welds, and never use control arms to lift the car.


After evaluating the factors we mentioned above, it is clear that putting jack stands on control arms is not the safest or recommended approach. While some might argue that there are instances where the control arms are strong enough, the consequences of failure could be catastrophic.

To ensure your safety and avoid expensive repairs, it is always recommended that you use jack stands on the designated points specified in your car’s owner manual. Attempting to elevate your vehicle outside the recommended areas is not worth the risk.

It’s best to take your time, follow the recommended procedures for jacking your car up, and prioritize your safety. Remember, accidents happen when you least expect them, so play it safe and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Ultimately, safety should always be your priority when working on your car, and the risks simply aren’t worth it when it comes to using control arms with jack stands.