Can You Haul a Whole Car on a Utility Trailer?

Yes, a utility trailer can haul a car. A utility trailer is designed to transport larger and heavier items such as cars and machinery.

It provides a convenient solution for those who need to move their vehicles without driving them. Whether you’re relocating, taking your car to a mechanic or moving a car for business purposes, a utility trailer can make the task effortless.

In this blog, we’ll explore more about how a utility trailer can haul a car, what you need to know before hauling your car and how to do it safely. Additionally, we’ll give you tips on the various factors to consider before transporting your car on a utility trailer to make the process hassle-free.

Can You Haul a Whole Car on a Utility Trailer?


Utility Trailers And Their Use In Towing

Utility trailers have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are specifically designed for hauling cargo, but can they be used for towing vehicles? First, let’s take a closer look at utility trailers and their purpose. Utility trailers are lightweight and versatile, making them an excellent choice for a variety of tasks.

There are many different types of utility trailers, each with its own set of features and towing capacity. However, it is crucial to understand your vehicle’s towing capacity before deciding on a utility trailer for car towing. This understanding will help you avoid any costly mistakes and keep you safe on the road.

Finally, when shopping for a utility trailer for car towing, consider factors such as size, weight, and towing capacity and select one that meets your requirements.

Preparing Your Car And Utility Trailer For Transport

Before hauling your car with a utility trailer, you need to inspect your vehicle thoroughly for any damages or leaks. It is crucial to understand the weight distribution of your car and how it affects the performance of the trailer.

Safe loading and securing of the car onto the trailer with the right chains and straps is equally essential. By understanding these, you can be assured that your car and trailer are secured during transportation. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry by doing these simple checks.

Loading a non-running vehicle on a Utility Trailer without a trailer or winch.

Hitching And Towing A Car With A Utility Trailer

Hitching and towing a car with a utility trailer can seem daunting, but following a few simple best practices can make the process effortless. Properly hitching the car to the trailer using the hitch ball is the first step. It’s essential to understand the use of weight distribution hitches to improve towing stability, as this can prevent swaying and provide increased safety and stability.

Safe driving practices when towing a car with a utility trailer include maintaining a safe speed, avoiding sudden stops, and taking wide turns. By following these tips, one can confidently haul a car with a utility trailer without any hassle.


After considering the factors mentioned above, it is clear that a utility trailer can haul a car. However, the type and size of car, the weight capacity of the trailer, and the towing capacity of the vehicle are all important considerations.

It is essential to check with the manufacturer’s guidelines and towing regulations to ensure a safe and legal haul. Overloading an unsuitable trailer or attempting to tow an oversized load can result in significant risks such as damage to the vehicle, personal injury, or even fatalities.

Therefore, it is necessary to exercise caution and proper preparation before commencing any hauling endeavor. Securely fastening the car onto the trailer and following safe driving practices while maneuvering the system is critical to a successful and stress-free journey. By keeping these considerations in mind, anyone can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of hauling a car with a utility trailer.